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Organic PejibayePejibaye have been a staple in the Costa Rican diet for centuries. Its fermented fruit replaced corn which was more common further north. The fruit is frequently stewed in salt water, then peeled before eating and split to remove the seed. The texture both cooked and raw is similar to a firm sweet potato, with no sweetness.

A favorite dish in some areas is simply the fruit halves with the depression filled with mayonnaise. It may be eaten raw after being peeled and flavored with salt and sometimes honey. It can also be used to make compotes and jellies or to make flour and edible oil.

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  • Cooked PejibayeCooked Pejibaye
  • Picked PejibayePicked Pejibaye
  • Pejibaye SoupPejibaye Soup
  • Pejibaye TreePejibaye Tree

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