Coconut Products

Organic CoconutPerhaps one of the most versitile nuts. From its water to its oils and flesh the coconut has been supporting healthy living since man first discovered what was inside. The coconut grows all over the world, usually in costal locations and is the fruit of the Cocos Nucifera or 'Coconut Palm'. Coconut water is often used as a source of hydration when fresh water is unavailable and is packed with vitamins and minerals, the flesh tastes light and has a distinctive flavor that is useful in all manors of cooking or fresh eating.

The name is derived from the 16th century Portugese and Spanish word cocos, meaning "grinning face" from the three small holes on the coconut shell that resemble human facial features.

Sample Product Images

  • Plants Coconut BabyPlants Coconut Baby
  • Coconut BunchCoconut Bunch
  • Coconut FarmerCoconut Farmers
  • Fresh Picked CoconutFresh Picked Coconut
  • Fresh CoconutFresh Coconut
  • Packed CoconutPacked Coconuts
  • Coconut TreeCoconut Tree
  • Coconut PlantationCoconut Plantation

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