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Organic YuccaYucca root, commonly known as cassava, the root has the appearance of a long and tapered sweet potato. It has a rough brown rind on the outside, with an inside that is starchy and can range in color depending on variety from white to yellowish to brown.

Yucca plant is widely grown and consumed in Central America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. In many countries, yucca is a dietary staple usually eaten boiled, steamed, and in flour form as thickeners or additional ingredients for noodles, cakes, and pastries.

Yucca being part of the same family as the potato, it shares many similar quality's however the texture has a slightly more fibrous quality with a waxy outer peal.

Sample Product Images

  • A Large CassavaA Large Cassava
  • Stacked YuccaStacked Yucca
  • Washed YuccaWashed Yucca

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